Friday, June 19, 2015

Paola's Visit from Florida

When I lived in Florida for a couple years before marriage and babies, I met an amazing friend who I am still very close with.  Paola visited Zack and me in Kansas City before the girls were born, I flew down to visit her last year, and we talk on the phone often but she had never met the girls in person before last week.  It was fantastic having her here.  Of course a lot of the time was centered around food but who can go wrong with ice cream, donuts, and cupcakes?!  If you can't tell, we had a blast and hated to see her leave.  I guess we just need to start planning our trip to Florida now!

Peachwave...our favorite!

Donuts for breakfast the next day...

Cupcakes for mommy's birthday...

Doing a little swimming...

And a little art...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Berry Pickin'

Last week the girls and I went to a u-pick strawberry patch.  Although it was extremely muddy, we had a great time.  In fact I had to stop the girls from picking strawberries but I also should add that I was a little more selective about the strawberries I put in the container than Ava and Reese.  Oh well!  I reminded them that we had plenty of strawberries as the phrase "we're paying by the pound" played over in my mind!  Over 7 pounds later things came to an end and we enjoyed a few before heading out of Edgerton, KS.  Needless to say we've had our fill of strawberries around here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Midwestern Tour

Last week we got back from a journey in the midwest.  We first went to Dayton, Ohio for 4 days to visit our amazing friends the Southards who moved from the house next door to ours in the fall.  Although they are technically friends, they were like family in Olathe and we know that even though there are miles between us that can't keep us from staying like family.  We had lots of time to catch up, let the kids play together, visit the children's museum, and take in the Columbus Zoo.  It was fantastic!

After leaving Dayton we headed back to Illinois to visit family for a week.  We had a wonderful time with family.  The girls of course were showered with attention and got to do lots of fun things like visit Discovery Depot (the children's museum), go swimming a couple times, ride on a John Deere just their size, take pictures at PeePaw's memorial bench at the golf course, and eat at some yummy restaurants.  Mommy and daddy even got to sneak away for a day and go to a Cubs game!

As you can tell below, there were plenty of "Kodak moments."

The journey begins...Dayton here we come!!




And now for Galesburg, Illinois...