Saturday, October 29, 2011

Darn Cute Pumpkins

The girls are gearing up for an exciting Halloween, hanging at home but looking pretty cute.  Next year we'll be able to get some cute little costumes and show them off in person but for this year we're showing them off via photographs.  They had two photo shoots.  One with Nana and the cute sleepers she got them.  Another with mommy and daddy in the bibs Grammy gave them and the adorable booties our awesome primary night nurse crocheted!  Of course both photo shoots were quite entertaining.  You know the usual...trying to keep our hands to ourselves, pulling each other's hats, attempting to eat the pumpkin stem, untying the bows on the booties, and of course a few grumbles... 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yummy Nanners!

I'm not sure if that's how you spell nanners but our girls sure are enjoying them!  We broke out the little mesh food holders and put bananas in them.  They basically are a little mesh pouch with a plastic handle that babies can chew on without getting big bites or peel/skin of anything.  This is definitely the right stage to start this with the girls.  The pictures speak for themselves. 

We went to the vent clinic today with Ava and once again it was a great appointment.  They were pleased with Ava's status so lowered her vent settings again.  For those keeping track, her pressure control was moved from 29 to 27 and her pressure support was moved from 26 to 24.  The doctor also said that if she is doing well on these settings we can move each of these pressures down one more number in about 10 days since we don't go back for another 3 weeks.  Zack and I are always so thankful for the progress God is making in Ava's development and are truly humbled when the medical staff tell us that it is not typical for a baby to be weaned on their vent settings at every appointment.  Ava definitely isn't typical...she's made that clear from day one.  Other updates from the appointment: weight was 17 lbs. 2 oz.,  we are requesting an OT consult from Infant/Toddler Services of Johnson County to start working on some feeding exercises in the home, and we are reducing Ava's predisolone (steroid) to 0.05 ml every other day.  0.05 ml is basically a couple drops so as close as we are to being off this, we are going the conservative route to get completely off.  Very close though!!

Reese goes to the cardiologist tomorrow for a follow-up.  She still has a tiny PDA that they aren't concerned about but want to keep an eye on in anticipation of it closing.  She's still a little pistol.  One of our neonatal nurse practitioners at Overland Park Regional predicted it.  Even though Ava was the dramatic one in the NICU, Reese was going to be the "pistol" at home.  We've got to admit, she's correct!

Looking so cute before sissy goes to her vent clinic appointment!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hooray for Videos!

Well I tried to upload 4 videos but I guess I'll be thankful for 2.  At least you get to see a little of both girls. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Full Recovery

Last week Ava had another little infection.  Instead of the runny nose, congestion type of infection like her infection about a month ago, this was more of a respiratory infection.  She was more restless, needed extra breathing treatments, and even had to go on oxygen for a couple days.  However, we are so happy that she never required more support from the ventilator so while it wasn't a step forward, it wasn't a step backwards either.  We have now had two infections since being home from the hospital and we hope that these are helping to build up Ava's immune system.  We are also praying for a healthy winter.  We are doing everything we can to minimize the chance of infection and we will continue that....limiting visitors to only a few healthy adults, washing or sanitizing our hands ALL the time, continuing to be homebound other than walks and doctor appointments, the list goes on.  But all the doctors say infections are bound to happen.  Zack and I are willing to sacrifice our social lives and hand condition (washing hands 24/7 = cracked, dry hands) to fight those pesky infections as best we can!

Ava is now her normal self, as is Reese!  Ava is such a "chill" baby and Reese is such a "give me attention" baby.  Ava is rolling over to her belly all the way now even though she lays on one of her arms most of the time because she can't get it out from underneath her.  She's got some obstacles with her tubing too but we try to get them out of her way as much as possible.  She's also sitting up pretty well with a little support on her legs and lower back.  Reese is moving all over the place.  She does 360s on her belly so she can see everything that's happening around her, along with getting up on all fours a lot.  When she's on her hands and knees she inches around but does most of her moving by rolling, pulling, and pushing around on her belly.  She's also sitting up all by herself and only tips over every once in a while.  And of course, they are both keeping mommy and daddy extremely busy!  Enjoy the pictures below.  I tried to attach a couple videos but they weren't attaching.  Hopefully I'll have better luck next time!