Saturday, April 28, 2012

Answered Prayers

Once again, God has answered our prayers and Ava did great through the bronchoscopy.  They even sent her home shortly afterwards so we didn't end up having an overnight as we planned on!  We arrived around 12:30pm to check in.  After waiting a while, meeting with a same-day surgery nurse, taking vitals, meeting with the ENT doctor, and meeting with anesthesia, she finally got taken into the OR around 2:30pm.  About an hour later the ENT doctor came and visited with us, telling us that everything looked really good and that she had removed some granulation tissue to open her airway more.  She showed us pictures of her airway and told us that we could most likely go home.  After another 45 minutes or so they came and got us because Ava was awake and was going to go back to the same-day surgery area for discharge!!!  She was smiley when she saw us but soon became very sleepy again.  She was a trooper through it all and slept well at home last night.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives and so thankful to have such a merciful, powerful God!!!

Waiting for the doctor to come visit us before the procedure.  Such a cute little hospital gown!

This is normally nap time so while she waited her turn, she slept in mommy's arms.

After the procedure when they brought Ava to "Reunion Avenue" to meet mommy and daddy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"FIRSTS"...And a Prayer Request

I want to start off with a prayer request.  Ava will be undergoing anesthetic on Friday for her bronchoscopy and every prayer will help us through this time of anxiety and worry.  We know God is with her and our family along every step of the way but it is hard to think about the last time she was under anesthetic and how she came out on the other side.  The last time was when she had her tracheostomy and afterwards she was extremely acute.  She required the most respiratory support possible, with extremely high vent settings, nitric oxide, and sedatives.  We know that was a long time ago and that she is much stronger now but we are just asking for everyone to pray for God's protection over Ava and for peace for mommy and daddy.

On a lighter note, the last couple weeks have been filled with lots of "FIRSTS" that I have to share.  It is so much fun watching Ava and Reese develop.  We are also slowly enjoying doing some "normal" things with the girls like having them around more people and outside of the home a little more.  Enjoy!
Even though we only got pictures of Reese (not sure why?), the girls tried pizza for the FIRST time and loved it!!!

The girls are riding in the same stroller for the FIRST time.  All of the equipment that we have to take with us for Ava now fits in the basket underneath the stroller!

 Reese has been taking her FIRST steps...and then some!

Ava has been saying her FIRST consonants...adding the "b" in front of her "aahh's."

The pictures below are of the girls' FIRST appearance at church.  They were dedicated last Sunday and it was such a special day to show them off for the FIRST time to some of the people who have been praying for them since day one.  (We were only able to stay for the 15-minute dedication but baby steps...right?)

Great Grandpa got to meet Ava for the FIRST time!!!  He met Reese when she was home but Ava was still in the NICU.

Peachwave for the FIRST time.  Ava was a big fan...Reese wasn't too sure about the cold stuff.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter was a great day at the McNeil household.  Although it started in the morning with Ava pulling out her G-tube and having stomach contents get all over her clothes and rocker chair, it was nothing but up from there!  Her G-tube is a button that is placed into a hole in her belly that is less than a centimeter in diameter and held in by a balloon that inflates internally to probably 4 centimeters in diameter.  Yesterday (Easter) was the first time she had pulled it out (completely inflated) and then she did this again today.  She may have to wear onesies under all her outfits now! 

After getting her feeding tube placed back into her belly mommy and daddy helped the girls hunt for Easter eggs in our living room.  Mommy and daddy took turns going to church as usual and then after the girls' nap time we had even more Easter fun.  Ava and Reese got to put on their beautiful Easter dresses that Grammy and Nana bought them.  Luckily they won't only wear these special dresses once, but will also get to wear them when they are dedicated at church in a couple weeks.  They showed off at our friends next door (the Southards) and we hung out outside and had a great time.  The pictures were pretty cute despite Ava's nice bruise on her forehead and it was tough to narrow them down for this entry as you can see.  Enjoy!