Sunday, May 15, 2016

Summer Here We Come!!

Spring has rolled right along and a lot has happened.  First of all we got to meet our great friends the Southards in St. Louis for a couple days of fun and catching up.  We got to hang out at Steve's parents' home, go swimming at our hotel, get ice cream, go to the Magic House, and play at a park.   We even got to go out with Erin and Steve without kids thanks to Steve's parents!  We had an amazing time just being together, feeling like family as always.

The girls have also been learning how to ride their bikes.  They started a little over a month ago and they are doing terrific.  You can see the progress in the videos.  The balance bikes that they started a couple years ago helped the transition to big girl bikes with no training wheels tremendously.

Ava lost her second tooth as well.  She now is two ahead of her sister but Reese's time will come.  Ava might just have to buy her sister's treat at the ice cream truck this summer before Reese can pay her back!

For Mother's Day the girls thought we should go for a special treat but it was pouring outside and I didn't think getting out of the car sounded like much fun.  So we went through the drive thru for ice cream, parked in the parking lot, climbed into the back of the 4-Runner and had an ice cream picnic.  We got our treat and didn't get a drip of rain on us.  Mission accomplished!

And finally, the girls are no longer preschoolers but are moving on to kindergarten.  Their last day of preschool was Friday and they each got an award (as did all the kiddos).  It's hard to believe my baby girls will be going to kindergarten in August.  They are more than ready but mommy needs to get ready too.  I'm not sure I'll ever be ready!