Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

5 years old!?  Seriously?  Where has time gone?  The last five years have had plenty of ups and downs but Zack and I are continuously amazed at how blessed we are to have Ava and Reese.  Not only do we teach them but they teach us.  They teach us unconditional love, patience, and how to not take one minute for granted.  5 years old is hard for mommy to swallow.  It means they are no longer my little babies but officially little girls who will be ready for kindergarten next year.  There's just something about that number that sounds so old.  If I were making a wish on those birthday candles I'd wish for time to slow down!

Every year we try to do something special on the girls' birthday but simple with all of the holiday happenings and busy season.  This year, as always, we took pizzas to the current NICU families and cake to the NICU nurses, doctors, and other medical staff.  Then our neighborhood was having horse-drawn sleigh rides through our neighborhood in the evening so we had a few friends over for a "Favorite Things" dinner and then we went riding.  The girls got to choose the dinner menu hence the name "Favorite Things" dinner.  The menu consisted of buttered noodles, PB & J, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli, pineapple, and ice cream.

Of course the girls got some wonderful gifts from friends and family too.  One of the favorites is their new bunk bed.  This actually was the bunk bed that mommy slept on as a little girl at her Grammy and Grampy's house.  It was passed down to my nephew and now the girls get it!  I know some would say I committed a furniture sin but I updated the solid oak bunk beds with some white paint.  We are one night in and no falls yet!

Before I share the pictures from this year's birthday, I thought I would take a walk down memory lane to cherish December 20th over the last 5 years.

















2015...a fun-filled day for these two 5-year-olds!


Other parents with older children always say to enjoy it because it goes so fast.  I no longer underestimate those words!

Friday, December 11, 2015


This is a bit delayed as we are gaining on Christmas, but our November was great.  The first part of the month we had our wonderful friends the Southards come back from Ohio to see all their Olathe friends and our home became their home for 5 days.  Of course they were off to see a lot of people but we got to see a lot of them as well and as you can see the kids had a great time together.  Makes us miss them even more!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful one and we hope it was the same for you.  Auntie Amber, Uncle Chad, and Bubba (Cousin Brandon) were here from Illinois and the feast was held in our home with the 7 of us.  Besides the meal it was great getting to spend time with my sister and her family.  We experienced Top Golf together, went for ice cream, did some shopping (okay, maybe just a couple of us mommies), and built forts.  My dad's side of the family came over from Independence, Grain Valley, and Blue Springs to see everyone while my sister was here too.  If you haven't played Pie Face, it's definitely a fun game to play with friends and family!

And now we are on to December.  We are doing our best to keep the reason for the season our priority.  It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, letting it slip away without even giving much thought about the Son that God gave us as a sweet little baby who would eventually die for our sins.  What a wonderful time to remember about God's giving and the giving we can do for others.

Here are a few things we've been up to in December so far...

The girls' Christmas program for their preschool...


Speaking parts...

Going to the Journey to Judea (an enactment of the Bible story put on by Countryside Baptist Church in Olathe) and enjoying a cookie while we wait...

And making a gingerbread house...

And having a dog that eats gingerbread houses...

As Christmas approaches I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones and can enjoy the blessings of this season.
Another post to come soon...December 20th the girls turn 5!!  Yes, 5!!...then Christmas festivities.  Stay tuned!