Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yep, these girls have been getting into mischief. I would usually say that Reese is the leader in all this but lately Ava's curiosity has earned her the title of leader at times.

We also took a day trip to Omaha to see our friends the Proctors and Seastedts. The car ride home from Omaha which started at 8:30pm was A LOT quieter than the trip there at 8:00am. Ava and Reese had lots of fun playing with their friends Paige, Luci, and Evie!  You know what they say...play hard, sleep hard!

Reese talked on the phone to pass time in the car!

Luci helped Ava and Reese (below) eat their yogurt.

The girls playing...unfortunately Paige is missing in the pics!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exciting Game Plan

A game plan is what I'm calling it.  We've had game plans before that have needed to be revised so we are well-prepared if that needs to happen but the thought of being "trach-free" is an amazing one!  Yes, "trach-free"!  Ava had a doctor's appointment yesterday and has been off of the ventilator completely for close to two months now.  They like to wait at least roughly three months before removing a trach tube so at the end of August we will have another appointment to check-in and assuming all is still going well we will have another bronchoscopy at the beginning of September.  During this bronchoscopy procedure Ava will be put under and they will put a scope down her airway to look around and will remove any scar tissue that has developed since the last bronchoscopy.  If everything still looks good they will remove the trach tube during this same overnight stay.  The plan is to keep the feeding tube (G-tube) a while longer (from my understanding maybe a month or two?) to make sure she adjusts well and eats well after the procedure.  We have dreamed of the day with no trach cares/changes, not having to hold Ava's arm during her bath, and allowing her to get into a swimming pool deeper than her waist.  We are patient and willing to wait as long as Ava needs but we have to admit we are pretty excited! 

In the meantime we are enjoying every minute...

Riding our zebra at home.

Going to Deana Rose with mommy, daddy, uncle Sean, and aunt Heidi.

Silly sun hats with daddy!