Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loving Fall

Yesterday we went to the Cider Fest at the Loiusburg Cider Mill.  The girls stayed in the stroller most of the time for multiple reasons...they're tough to keep up, less likely to come in contact with people touching (NO germs please!), etc.  However, when we let them out for a short amount of time they had a blast touching every pumpkin they could get their hands on.  They also enjoyed the fresh cider donuts!  And don't forget the pumpkins we got to bring home!  The beautiful weather made it a great way to spend a fall day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aiming for October

Well after our doctor's appointment yesterday we learned that the doctors in the vent clinic still think October would be okay for Ava's bronchoscopy and possible decanulation.  They are going to be in contact with the ENT surgeon to make sure she agrees and then they will get it on the calendar.  It will most likely be at the end of the month.  So that means Ava needs to stay healthy until then and we are going to take some extra precautions in attempt to keep her that way.  We'll be cautious of where we take her, who she's around, and make sure we're doing some extra hand-washing.  We are pretty excited to think this can still happen this fall but know that things can happen to prevent this.  We are praying that God protect Ava regardless of what happens and that He also guides us as parents to make the right decisions for our family.  Thanks for your prayers as well!

Here are a couple pictures and a cute video of the girls.  They are so much fun these days interacting with each other more and good ways and not so good ways.  Miss Ava is determined to get her hands on everything Reese has.  We're working on that!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Overcoming Another Infection

Well, plans have once again changed but we aren't sure exactly what that means.  Ava caught another infection (upper respiratory infection) on Tuesday and has been on oxygen, had a fever (just on Tuesday), has done plenty of coughing with extra suctioning, and hasn't been eating.  By Thursday she was acting more herself with more energy but still required oxygen and was coughing a lot.  By today (Sunday) she has spent some waking hours off oxygen and has eaten a small amount.  The good thing is that she has still been a milk guzzler so with her whole milk and the instant carnation breakfast that we add to it, she still has been getting a good amount of calories through this all.  The downside is that she has most likely burned tons of calories with all her coughing and extra effort to breathe.  Gaining weight has been one of the doctor's concerns over the last couple months.  So as far as the plan that was originally to have a bronchoscopy and possible decanulation mid-October, that will all change.  We go to the doctor on Wednesday and will see if we will need to wait until spring to do this or if there is still the possibility of it happening this fall.  Whatever is best for Ava is what we will be most happy with as we pray for patience and peace.  We ask for prayers for Ava as she completely overcomes this bump in the road.  We'll keep you posted after Wednesday's appointment.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Colorado Road Trip

For the Labor Day weekend our family traveled to Aurora, Colorado to see Ava and Reese's great-grandparents.  It was a perfect weekend getting to introduce my grandparents to our girls for the first time since they don't travel anymore and traveling to high altitudes for Ava hasn't been possible.  All four of us (Zack, Ava, Reese, and I) stayed in the guest bedroom of my grandparents retirement village apartment and had a great time.  Gigi and Grampy had plenty of play time with Ava and Reese, and enjoyed naps just as much as the girls.  Gigi even took us to the Denver Zoo and we saw all the animals.  Running the halls of the retirement village and roaming the village atrium was a favorite of the girls.  We also met a lot of people who "knew" the girls from all the pictures and details they would get from Gigi around their building.  How fun!  We also got to see our friends Keri, Erik, and Riley who moved out to Colorado last spring/summer.  IHOP omelets were a hit! 

Ava did need some extra oxygen support due to the thinner air but once back in Olathe that was history!  Now we are enjoying life back home and after going to the doctor last week, we are awaiting to hear when Ava's bronchoscopy and hopefully removal of trach will be rescheduled.  The plan is mid-October!  I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Playing at home's so much fun to play without that silly oxygen tank and tubing!