Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy Bees

I know it has almost been a month since I made post.  Things have been busy around here.  For Thanksgiving Uncle Sean and Aunt Heidi came from Chicago.  We had a great time with them hanging out and doing our thing. 

The following weekend Grammy came to stay.  That Friday evening (Nov. 30th) we had a "Thank You Pizza Party" for all of our nurses.  November was officially our last month of nursing and we are missing our nurses already.  It's so weird having these individuals in your home for a year and a half and then just going back to our family.  It was an adjustment getting used to having nurses IN our home and now it's an adjustment having nurses OUT of our home!  We miss them and plan on staying in touch.  With that said, we have a fabulous nanny who had been watching the girls along with one of our nurses and is now taking over a couple days a week.  We couldn't ask for any better!

That weekend we also took Ava and Reese to see Santa.  As you can tell from the pictures they weren't too fond of the big hairy fella.  They didn't mind him from the comforts of mommy and daddy's arms but once we sent the girls down on Santa's lap...flood gates opened!  They much preferred the carousel and coloring station. 

Last week the girls went to the doctor's office to get their synegis shots for RSV.  Much to our surprise they both had ear infections that the doctor informed us about!  Ava had been a little cranky a couple days prior and they had not been sleeping as well but neither girls tugged on their ears or seemed to be in pain.  After just a few doses of their ten-day supply of antibiotics, they were pretty happy and sleeping great.  Thank goodness for meds!

Other than that we are just loving the girls and their fun stage of toddler-hood.  They are learning more and more words every day and personalities are revealing themselves more and more.  Reese is testing limits loud and clear while Ava is the quiet sneaky one.  As you can tell from the picture, we are also getting hair long enough for pig tails!  Giving hugs and kisses is popular around here too!